Upholstery Cleaning Service

Steam Pro can restore your fabric upholstered furniture to look new again, and smell fresh!  Do you have an old or dingy looking couch.  How about a sofa with a stain?  A love seat that someone spilled their dinner on?  A car that stinks after it rained or you can't get to stop smelling like your dog?  This is what I have been doing for a living since 1987, let me help you.  Give me a call or text at 985-626-5895 to talk to me or click here for a free estimate and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

The cleaning process employs a powerful truck-mounted steam extraction service.  The cleaning solution is an eco and environmentally friendly product:

  • Safe for your family, your pets and your community.
  • Services are offered seven days a week
  • Emergency flood extraction is available twenty-four hours a day


Regular upholstery cleaning will help extend the life of upholstered furniture by maintaining appearance and reducing wear. In most cases, spills need immediate treatment and should be blotted up with a sponge or towel. Follow the cleaning instructions attached to your upholstered furniture.

When selecting a cleaning service, the main factor to consider is the operator's skill and ability. Upholstery cleaning professionals of long standing reputation can usually be relied upon to provide satisfactory service.

Dry vs. Steam Upholstery Cleaning

Do not use water based cleaning solution on a fabric labeled for dry cleaning only. If you are unsure, rather be safe than sorry. "Use the professional's dry cleaning only" type labels will require professional cleaning.

Notwithstanding the cleaning instructions, upholstered furniture should be professionally cleaned periodically to remove soil, keep sanitary, restore freshness, preserve appearance, and protect your investment.

Steam Pro provides upholstery cleaning services for both residential homes and commercial offices.  Steam Pro also provides upholstery and carpet cleaning for your car, truck, or boat.

Upholstery Cleaning in Mandeville , Madisonville , Covington , Lacombe , Abita Springs , Slidell , Folsom, Hammond, Ponchatoula, and Robert LA


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